Something Different For A Wedding Photo

Traditional wedding photos with couples posing lovingly before picturesque sceneries might still be the ideal shot in mind for many but there are some who are looking to buck the trend in hope of capturing their big day differently.

(Photo Credit: Quinn Miller Facebook)

This extraordinary wedding shot, which looks more like a scene from the famed movie series “Jurassic Park”, exemplifies just that. Having been dubbed as the “best wedding photo ever” by netizens after going viral online last month, this amusing photo which got us chuckling at first sight was conceptualized and taken by the groom’s friend, 22-year-old Digital Art student Quinn Miller from Louisiana.

And if you thought this was going to involve lots of planning, you’re wrong. Apparently, Miller popped the idea only days before the shoot. With no rehearsals involved, the couple and 16 other guests completed this shot in one take under two minutes! This dramatic photo was later completed as Miller photo-shopped in a stock image of the T-rex.

And so it seems that with a little help from technology and a dash of creativity, snapping that one comic addition to the wedding album might not be that difficult after all. Plus, getting creative seems to add excitement to the actual photo shoot which tends to involve long hours of posing. For the camera shy, this might even be the chance to loosen up and truly make a good shot!

If you’ve seen or have taken part in any out-of-the-norm wedding photo shoots, leave us a comment! We will love to hear from you!