Stunning Wedding Photos from Kenya

For couples who are looking for the next exciting destination for your overseas pre-wedding photo shoot, why not look to the exotic Africa, in particular Kenya? We were simply blown away by the following set of photos taken by Melbourne photographer Jonas Peterson, which boast spectacular natural scenery accentuated with the vibrant local ethnic colours.

The couple featured in the photos are Nina and Sebastian. The bride’s work as a wildlife photographer and senior marketing advisor to wild cat conservation organization Panthera was what laid the path for their unique wedding held at the national wildlife reserve Maasai Mara in Kenya.

ken1 ken2

“The bride of the Maasai normally wear a lot of jewelry, and the necklace, called enkarewa, is especially important,” Nina said in a The Huffington Post interview. “When I first told my closest friend in the Maasai community about our wedding, he came back to me with a necklace and bracelets as a special gift made for me by his family. The stick carried by Sebastian was also a gift from the local Maasai community.”

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“During this time, I have become very close friends and almost family with the Maasai, who have welcomed me into their lives,” Nina told HuffPost Weddings. “Because we were planning to hold our ceremony on the land of the Maasai, it was very important to us to incorporate some of the traditions of the Maasai culture into the ceremony…After the announcement [of husband and wife], a traditional Maasai song and dance followed according to tradition.”

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For more photos and the original article, visit The Huffington Post.