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Surreal, So Real

The Inspiration

For a white wedding, green is in.


Imagine there is a showdown between fresh and fake in the race to spruce up the wedding ballroom, as eco-friendly couples pick silk flowers that look like the real thing to save the environment – as well as some money too.


Creating the Theme

When it comes to love, nothing should stand in your way. Similarly, when it comes to your wedding dinner, nothing should block the view of your guests.

Get some botanical paradise with splendid arrangements of lightly coloured roses, eustomas and hydrangeas in abundance. These flowers look sweet as well as sweet-smelling.

Of course, instead of using fresh flowers, it’s good to go for utilizing some high-quality silk flowers which do the same job without breaking the bank. With artificial flowers, you can get blooms of any season.


Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

To plan a green wedding, the key is to apply the principles of the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.

One way to reduce waste is to dispense with the wedding favours. But if you must, just make sure that what you give are useful such as homemade jam or chocolate.

You may also choose to go paperless by sending e-invitations, or use recycled paper.

Most couples would buy many things, such as decorative lamps, to create their dream wedding. You can consider selling them later at bridal forums in order to help other newlyweds with a tight budget.