Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin says ‘I do’ on Christmas eve

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(Photo credit to Ariel Lin’s weibo account)

Actress Ariel Lin and her fiancé, Charles Lin, held their wedding celebration on Christmas eve in Taiwan. According to media reports, the couple, who had a star-studded engagement party in October, invited over 600 guests consisting of close family members and friends.

Lin, who is known for TV idol dramas including “In Time with You” and “It started with a Kiss” in which she was awarded the Golden Bell Awards’ “Best Actress for Drama”, changed into three different gowns for the night.

After the headline-grabbing engagement party, the media were reportedly not given access to this wedding reception. However, a crowd of camera-welding reporters blocked her arrival at the banquet hall. Luckily, the banquet hall’s security guards used umbrellas to cover the couple and blocked off any source of photography. Hence, the only source of photos was from the celebrity guests themselves including Mickey Huang and Xie Na.

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Prior to the wedding, the couple visited Charles’ hometown. Besides paying respects to Charles’ ancestors, Ariel also abided by the family traditions of throwing a fan out of her car window on the wedding day, to symbolize the riddance of bad habits. The Lins have been dating for over two years.