The Coolest Way To Film Your Wedding Proposal

(Photo from Yahoo)

If you’re still raving about drone photography as the latest innovation in wedding photography, here’s something more cutting edge for you — the Ring Cam.

While couples thus far have had to rely on family members or friends to capture that precious moment of getting down on one knee, the Ring Cam makes sure that your documentation can get more up close and personal — the camera is built into the engagement ring box itself. What this means is that couples can now capture that moment of surprise directly from the perspective of the ring itself.

Couples who are fascinated by the idea would be happy to know that this innovative technology does not come at a hefty price tag — the Ring Cam is available for a three-week rent for just US$100. The service provider will also throw in professional editing services for just US$200 more.

With a size as inconspicuous as a pinhole camera, it is likely that the person on the receiving end of the proposal might not even notice that the Ring Cam is there. How’s that for a real and in-your-face (pun intended) proposal for you?

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