The Dress You Have Been Searching for (Literally): Eva for Loverly

US wedding search engine Loverly has collaborated with designer Eva Franco (whose works are sold in Anthropologie and Nordstrom) to debut their first collection of 35 wedding and bridesmaid dresses. The catch? The choice of designs and colours featured in the collection is based on what Loverly users have been searching for on the website.

Specifically, Loverly looked into the styles that their users had been searching for to identify trends that are hot with real-life brides and bridesmaids at the moment. Some insights they got, for example, were that crop tops had been gaining popularity in the past year, and brides were increasingly looking for separates and alternative options such as pantsuits for their wedding attire.

The results? An absolutely accessible and on-trend collection that any bride or bridesmaid would be sure to find something that appeals to them. We think Loverly’s approach of giving the user what she wants, as opposed to fashion’s “traditional” role of breaking new ground, is an innovative one that would bode well with its users.

Check out pictures of Loverly’s debut collection below! (For the full collection, visit Loverly. All pictures from Loverly.)



Loverly identified pantsuits as a popular style that brides have been searching for, though offerings on the market are still limited. Channel your inner Solanges Knowles with these chic ensembles!



Loverly’s debut collection also features a spectrum of beautiful hues such as navy, pink and mint — all of which are popular colours with its users. The collection’s range of casual and flirty dresses are versatile as well, as they cater to both bridesmaids and brides who are looking for a light dress suitable for a more informal setting.





No bridal collection would be complete without some classic white dresses. Apart from beautiful foolproof options that feature beautiful lace overlays, we are also a fan of the sets of matching separates — we’re almost sure that every bride would be wearing these again even after their weddings.