The Great Gatsby Wedding Round Up

The Great Gatsby Wedding Round Up


We hope it’s not too late to bring you our very own The Great Gatsby Wedding Round Up! The roaring 1920s or the Jazz Age is an opulent era to draw inspiration for an extravagant bash for your big day and we hope our picks help to get the ideas going!

1. Illustrations of 1920s fashion
2. Jazz Age Glamour Collection by Tiffany & Co. (here)
3. Reference images of 1920s fashion
4. Wedding favour: art deco geometric box of chocolates (here)
5. Wedding gown by BHLDN (here)

And before you think we’ve forgetten, here’s a useful reference for the men’s department as well.

Men's 1920s Fashion


If you’re having a 1920s themed wedding, we’ll love to hear from you and to see how things turn out! Drop us a mail anytime, and who knows, you might even find yourself in the pages of Wedding & Travel!