The Minions Special

It’s Thursday and the clock just struck 11 in the morning. Are you already all prepared to rush into your nearest McDonald’s to lay your hands on those minion figurines, which comes free with every Happy Meal for these two weeks? (We heard last week’s first set of three were a sold-out!)

If yes, we think you’ll like our special write-up on how else you can fully indulge in this craze.

cake pops
(Photo Credit: Bakerella)

Eat! Originally sidekicks to Despicable Me’s main character Gru, the minions army who speak cute gibberish have become so popular that everyone wants a slice of them.

Well, now you can. Literally.

Local cake store Cake Funtasie custom makes Despicable Me cake designs. Despite the hefty price tag of $320 for the 4kg cake, the store has seen a 20% increase in orders over the past two weeks, according to Straits Times. So if you are looking for a special something for an upcoming party, book early is our advice.

For those who are into DIY baking, look no further than popular blogger, Angie Dudley aka Bakerella. The creator of cake pops (i.e. cake + lollipops) has cashed in on the minions fever and come up with a new step-by-step recipe for those who are keen to remake these little yellow creatures at home. Too cute!


Play! If Happy Meal figurines can’t satisfy you, head on to Toys R Us for a full collection of the pill-shaped cutie merchandise. From plush toys, figurines to battery-operated robots, we are sure you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you are planning on getting one as a gift for your other half, we recommend you however to build your own minion from the ever trusty LEGO. Tutorials are aplenty online and they provide detailed instructions on how you can go about building your favorite minion character. This can also be a new bonding activity to spend quality time with your partner this weekend (ditch that usual eat-shop-movie routine for once!). Either way we are sure this will help you score extra brownie points from your girlfriend/wife!

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Ladies Only! Get in trend by having minions on your fingertips! Nail parlours are now joining in the competition by offering minions in drawing or gel manicure design. A gel manicure with the cartoon is said to go as high as $150. For the budget conscious, pop by Daisy Nail Shop at Far East Plaza. They offer decent minion nail art (see pic above) at $58.

For the interested, this graph picture titled “Guide to Despicable Me Minions” is where you can learn to differentiate these little yellow characters. Originally labelled as minions, they now have individual names which we think you should know before their spin-off movie “Minions” lands next year.

We also found some behind-the-scenes information here on the creation of these cute creatures, which makes for interesting good-to-know. Wouldn’t you want to know how the creators came up with the gibberish minion language?

And just in case you feel like listening to the famed “Banana Song” again for the millionth time, we made it easy by including it here. So click away and sing along!