The Most Romantic Proposal Using the World’s Largest GPS Drawing

(Photo from Daily Mail)

In what could possibly be the most romantic proposal on Earth and outer space, artist Yasushi Takahashi (Yassan) quit his job and took six months to travel across Japan and chart his journey with GPS technology to spell out ‘MARRY ME’.

The trek covered a total of 7,164km, which Yassan completed mostly on foot, though he also used various modes of transport such as a car, ferry and bicycle. Yassan’s journey started from Hokkaido and ended at Hyodo Cliff in Kyushu.

Of course, Yassan chose his destinations carefully to spell out the world’s biggest proposal. “I wanted to write the world’s biggest proposal, and I found GPS drawing was the way to do it.” Yassan’s proposal (GPS drawing) is also the only one that can be seen in outer space.

Apart from conveying his love, the expedition was also a chance for Yassan to fulfil his wish of travelling widely and deeply in Japan, his home country. Yassan’s adventure is covered in an online documentary Walkumentary Series, which aims to show how walking can lead to extraordinary things.

Well, just for the record, the answer for Yassan’s proposal is of course, a yes. Find out more about Yassan’s journey in the video below!

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