The Wedding is Not the End of the Story!

(Photo from Huffington Post)

If you’ve just survived the stress and madness of your big day, congratulations on being a newly-wed! But contrary to the popular belief that the wedding’s the end of the story, there are still a couple of things that need to be done before you throw the event to the back of your head.

The first one is also the most important one on our list — write your thank you notes! It is only polite that you express your gratitude to your loved ones who took time to join you and your spouse in sharing your joy on your big day. While handwritten notes can be considered a must previously, we think that a well-crafted email would be timely as well, depending on who you’re writing to. (For relatives, we suggest that you keep to the traditional thank you note. For friends, go ahead with the e-mail!) It would also be nice to get a preview photo (preferably a group shot with everybody inside) from your wedding photographer and send it together with your thank you note while memories of your wedding are still fresh.

The second set of thanks should go to your vendors who helped to pull off your big day. Write your vendors a review or testimonial to show your appreciation to the hard work and effort that they took to make sure everything went smoothly on your big day!

Next, if you’re dreaming about the day that you get to pass on your wedding dress to your daughter, do remember to send your dress for cleaning or to get it properly packed and preserved soon after your wedding! It doesn’t take anything more than common sense to figure out that a one-day stain will be easier to come off than a stain that has been sitting around for a week. Proper packing will also help to keep your dress in a good condition (and not yellowed) even after a long time.

When you’ve got more time to catch a breather, it’s time to figure out what to do with the wedding gifts you’ve received. If there are items that you do not wish to keep, make sure you return or exchange them within the allowed timespan. If you receive something that you like, but not in a complete set, do make time to hunt down the rest of the set as items may go out of stock if you wait for too long.

On a related note, couples who have taken the initiative to decorate their own venue might find themselves suddenly clueless on what to do with ten boxes of fairy lights, tens of glass vases and five vintage suitcases. Our secret tip is to try to sell these decorative items to wedding rental companies — chances are, they will be more than happy to take in these items into their existing inventory.

Last but not least, if you’re planning to take on your husband’s surname, find a day to put together the required legal documents (yes, we know this can be quite painful) and get it done. If you keep procrastinating, chances are it’ll never get done at all.

What other things did you have to follow up on after your wedding? Let us know!

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