The World’s Best Wedding Photos

Ever heard of the Fearless Awards?

Just in case you are thinking about reality show “The Fear Factor”, this has nothing to do with that.

Instead, the Fearless Awards is a bimonthly award organized by Fearless Photographers, an online directory boasting of the world’s best photographers, curating extraordinary wedding photos. Some have called the awards the equivalent of Oscars in the world of wedding photography and more than 200 photos are unveiled once every two months as the crème of the crop.

For this post, W&T looks at some of our favorites amongst the tops from over the world and hope they inspire you for your big day.

Where the lovebirds take centre stage.
Clovergraphy , Australia

Kajul Photography, Germany

Apresh Chavda, United Kingdom

Gary Evan, Indonesia

Hiram Trillo, Fort Worth

Because weddings has never been just about the couple, so we particularly love it when photos capture families, friends and not forgetting, our pets.

Erika Mann, Canada

Andrea Corsi, Italy

Gardner Hamilton, New York

Cole Kor, Singapore

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