Theme Wedding: Little Mermaid

The much loved Disney classic Little Mermaid turns 25 this year, but its popularity shows no signs of abating! If you’re a fan of Ariel and Prince Eric, you have to check out this real theme wedding that is based off the lovely shades of aquamarine and blue inspired by the movie!

Wedding Look

Think of Ariel and the first thing that comes to mind is the Disney princess’s iconic flaming red hair. Kudos to this bride who was adventurous enough to adopt this bold look for her wedding! (Now, bets on whether that is her real hair or is it a wig?) While a wedding dress cut in the mermaid silhouette might be a no brainer for a Little Mermaid theme wedding, do note that this is a rather challenging silhouette that might not be suitable for all body types. Instead, take a leaf from this bride’s book and interpret the theme in a different manner — she opted for a long flowing train dyed in blue ombre. For the bridesmaids, we love how the look is standardised to a white T-shirt paired with an aquamarine skirt, which ties in perfectly with the rest of the decorations!

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Wedding Decorations

While it is easy to go overboard with the blues and greens in a Little Mermaid theme wedding, we love how this couple had smartly used the right amount of complementary accent colours such as peach and gold to lighten up the colour palette. The dessert table is a darling to look at, with the adorable mermaid wedding cake and matching macarons shaped like a shell, or painted with scales. (Psst, the gold streamers  above the dessert table resembling corals are a nice playful touch to the decorations as well!) The dining table is equally well conceived, with a beautiful aquamarine shell-shaped plate taking centrestage, styled with a golden starfish as a nod to the theme, and beautiful golden cutlery. The end result, while rich in colour, retains a luxurious and sophisticated edge due to the clever use of items that naturally come with shimmer and shine. (Check out the table runners, which are covered with sequins as well!)

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(All photos from InStyle)