Theme Wedding: Soccer

As the world cup season heats up, we take a look at how some sport-loving couples have put a creative spin on their soccer-themed pre-wedding photoshoots and weddings!

There’s nothing better than a friendly match between the bridal parties to liven up the wedding! (Picture from Pinterest)

This bride is taking aim straight through the heart, baby! (Picture from Juxtapost)

soccer3 soccer3b soccer3c
Kudos to this bride for being game enough to play football in her pre-wedding shoot, on heels no less! The results are energetic and spontaneous photos, especially in the shots whereby the groom makes a diving save for the ball! We can definitely see how much fun the couple had during the shoot! (Picture from Pinterest)

This adorable photoshoot would be great inspiration for couples who are looking for a casual setting to reflect their love for sports! (Picture from Pinterest)

A soccer theme wedding does not mean the ball has to be seen in every single picture. We love how this photographer got the wedding party to pose in a circle, echoing the shape of the ball and keeping to the theme of the wedding without being too literal. How smart is that! (Picture from Pinterest)

Have you attended or organised a soccer- or sports-themed wedding before? Let us know!