Things you didn’t know about Christina Aguilera’s engagement ring

(Photo credit: here)

American pop singer Christina Aguilera announced on Twitter last week that her beau of three years, film producer Matt Rutler, proposed on Valentine’s Day in Hawaii. Captioned “He asked and I said…”, Christina’s photo captured the couple hand in hand with a stunning ring in sight.

While the couple have yet to reveal specifics about the proposal and engagement, sources have spoke to various media about the eye-catching ring. Not just because it looks elaborate in size, it was specially designed by Rutler to be an one-and-only ring for Christina!

According to, Rutler has been working on the ring for over a year, carefully choosing each and every stone and every detail to represent different facets of his three-year relationship with Aguilera. Read on more about the details below!

(Photo credit: Christina Aguilera’s twitter)

The band: Every intertwine of the band and diamond symbolizes how the couple have crossed paths and the ring narrows at the base to reflect how their bond will continue to grow close and stronger over time.

The gemstones: There are 9 multi-color gemstones that are hidden within, each representing something unique to the couple like love, protection and healing. According to the ring designer who worked with Rutler, Christina is a very spiritual person and believes that by having the stones touch her skin, she will be surrounded by positive energy.

The vintage look: According to two jewellery pieces that Christina adored, Rutler decided to opt for a vintage-setting for the ring. By incorporating two designs into one, it also symbolized the two of them coming together as one.