This bride got married to herself… and got something more!

There’s nothing like a heartwarming story like this to get us out of our mid-week slump!

Mary-Anne from Melbourne decided to throw her own wedding party at 30 years old at a five-star venue for about 100 guests. The only twist? Well, she didn’t have a groom. We can totally imagine how she might have been so sick of tired of hearing the ‘single forever’ talk from her loved ones (relatives at Chinese New Year, anyone?). But instead of moping around, she decided to have a blast by throwing her own wedding party in lieu of her 30th birthday party.

Mary-Anne’s party at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne was serious stuff — she wore a wedding gown and veil (of course), and even arrived at the venue on a horse-drawn carriage! Her invitation to her loved ones was pretty good-humoured — the cards said that her ‘knight in shining armour hadn’t arrived’, but that she was going to have a wedding anyway.

Now here comes the best part — little known to Mary-Anne, her colleague, who was also present at the wedding, had always had a crush on her for a long time running! When he knew of how lonely she was, he arrived at the wedding venue in a suit of armour and got down on one knee in front of Mary-Anne! Here’s what he said —

“I’ve loved you forever. Would you consider going out with me?”

Collective swoons now please! The story, of course, ends of on a great note — the couple reportedly got married one year later, for real this time, of course.

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