This can guarantee a sunny day on your wedding…


Thinking of having an outdoor wedding and you’re worried that it could be ruined by an unexpected downpour? Or you want to ensure sunshine for your outdoor wedding photoshoot?

Well, all you need is US$150,000.

A UK-based luxury travel company, Oliver’s Travels, is offering a “cloud bursting” service that can 100% guarantee fair weather at your request. At the moment, the service is only available in certain venues in France (the company is planning to expand to the U.K. and Italy if the concept “takes off”).

For a fee starting at US$150,000, the company will give a team of pilots and meteorologists 3 weeks to plan and affect the weather on your big day. The technology is called “cloud bursting” (or “cloud seeding“) or using a chemical called silver iodide to “seed” the clouds and cause them to rain. By inducing rain and cloud dissipation for 24 hours before the wedding day, the team can guarantee a relatively cloud free and sunny environment on the day of.

Something to consider only if you have deep pockets and a dire need for sunny weather on your big day.