Tibetan Couple’s Pre-wedding Photos Has Got the Chinese Internet Talking

A set of pre-wedding photos taken by a young Tibetan couple has unexpectedly gone viral amongst Chinese Internet users in recent days. In the photo shoot, 31-year-old Gerongpengcuo and his wife Dawazhuoma made a bold statement in embracing their traditional roots and contemporary influences unreservedly, with photos showing the couple posing in traditional Tibetan costumes against breathtaking natural landscapes making a strong contrast against photos of the couple wearing modern fashion, posing with luxurious cars and wine.

Gerongpengcuo had worked in Beijing as a broker for the entertainment industry for four years before moving to Chengdu, where he set up an advertising company with his friend He Di, who was also the photographer for their pre-wedding photo shoot. On the other hand, Dawazhuoma runs a Taobao retail store selling handmade ornaments. The traditional scenes of the photo shoot show how life would have been for the couple if they didn’t receive higher education and move to work in bigger cities.

We think this set of photos has captured the delicate position of Chinese youth in today’s world — while the Chinese youth remain very much rooted to their traditions and heritage, they nonetheless pursue a consumerism culture and aspire to attain material wealth in their lives. Gerongpengcuo and Dawazhuoma’s photos capture both mentalities and perhaps that is why they struck a chord with the Chinese audience.

Gerongpengcuo attempts to articulate this caught-in-the-middle sentiment, “We are very happy and satisfied in the city, but we also feel a bit lost and uneasy. Seeking the root of culture doesn’t restrict Tibetan youth. Some of the younger generation easily lose themselves and can’t feel the sense of cultural belonging while they are pursuing their dream. We hope we can send out a signal to the young people that on the road to happiness, you don’t need to lose your principles.”

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(All photos from Shanghaiist)

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