Tina Turner Ties the Knot!

(Photo from Tina Turner blog)

Music icon Tina Turner, 73, recently married her partner of 27 years, Edwin Bach, 57, in a private ceremony at Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

While what’s got the Internet buzzing is the wide age gap between the two, we at Wedding & Travel are more excited about the green and black gown Tina Turner wore at her wedding! Designed by Tina Turner’s long-time friend Giorgio Armani, the gown was luxuriously created from chartreuse green taffeta and black silk tulle, and adorned with Swarovski crystals.  We applaud Tina Turner for her fashion choice — now here is an unconventional lady who is not afraid to go for something different! Who’s to say that a wedding gown’s got to be white? To ensure that the unique colour of the gown would take centrestage, the couple also put in a colour dress code for the wedding, with female guests attending in white, and male guests in black.

The best lesson that all our brides can take away from Tina Turner’s wedding would undoubtedly be: choose a wedding dress that makes you feel great in, even if that may not be the most traditional choice, or others may not agree with it! Tina Turner says of her dress:

“I remember, it was being modelled by this very tall, very slim Asian girl who had her hair up and everything looked one length, apart from this incredible pouffe. I thought, i gotta have that, even if i never wear it! Then i said: I know that will be my wedding dress! When Bryan Adams came into the house and saw me in the dress, he said:”It’s a fairytale” and it’s true, it’s beautiful, magical dress. I felt so special in it.”

With the drama and chaos that may come with planning and running a wedding, it is easy for us to forget that a wedding should first and foremost, bring happiness and joy to the couple and their loved ones. And Tina Turner, who says that she arrived at her wedding with “no nerves, just overwhelming happiness”, has it down pat.

“I’ve reached my Nirvana, that happiness that people talk about, when you wish for nothing, when you can finally take a deep breath and say: Everything is good. And it’s a wonderful place to be.”

Congratulations Tina and Edwin!