Tips for Camera-Shy Brides

If you’re feeling nervous about all the cameras that are going to be aimed at your on your wedding day, we totally feel you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips to help you look all photo-ready on the biggest day of your life!

Check yourself in all angles

A low textured bun is our favourite wedding hair look as it photographs well from every angle! (Photo from New Orleans Weddings Planner)

It’s not enough that you look good from the front on your wedding day — be sure to check out your back view too! Pick a hairstyle that will photograph well from all angles. For that, we recommend a low textured bun that rests at the base of your neck. If you’re getting braids or an up-do, do keep in mind that your hair usually turns out flatter in photographs. Consider using clip-on hair pieces to give your hair more volume. Alternatively, you could use big hair accessories to create a favourable contrast for a smaller face.

Use large hair accessories to create contrast for a smaller face (Photo from Behind the Blowdryer’s blog)

Make sure the lighting works in your favour

You can look like a million dollars, but you need the lighting at your venue to help you out as well! Lights that are lit from the bottom are a big no-no since they cast unflattering shadows on your face. Also be mindful if there are spotlights right above your table for the same reasons. To mitigate that, consider adding more soft lights above to balance out the lighting. (Psst, fairy lights are great for this function and look romantic as well.)

Fairylights are not only romantic, they are also absolutely photogenic as well! (Photo from Louisville Wedding Blog)

It’s all about the poses

We’re sure you know this by now — you’ll look wider if you get photographed head on. Always remember to angle your body slightly when you’re getting your photograph taken. Also, work your dress and bouquet! Hold your flowers in front of your stomach as this action will naturally cause your arms to curve away from your body, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist (it will also hide your tummy at the same time). If you’re taking some walking shots, hitch up your skirt as you are walking as this, again, naturally causes your arms to bend and make them look slimmer in photos.

(Photo from Real Simple)

Smile and enjoy yourself!

This is the perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give any bride — just go with the flow and enjoy your happiest day! If you’re feeling stressed about things, trust us, it will show in your photos. And, if your smile is not genuine, it will show too! The best photos almost always happen when they are not posed for, but are captured in the moment. Be sure to communicate beforehand with your photographer on the type of shots you are looking for. If you have a preferred style, do bring along some reference photos to let your photographer know. With all the preparation work done, there will then be no need to worry too much about how you’re going to look in your wedding photos! Leave the worrying to the professional photographers — that’s what you hired them for! Enjoy yourself, and trust that the right moments will be captured.