Tips from celeb wedding planner, Colin Cowie

When planning for your big day, getting advice from married couples who have been there done that can save you lots of hassle. What’s more if you can get sound tips from celebrity wedding planners who have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names?

For this post, we consolidated four handy tips from celebrity wedding planner, Colin Cowie who is the planner for big names including Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian.

1. The first step you take to planning for your big day.
“You now have a massive party/event to produce. First, make your guest list—it will determine who, where, when and how many people could possibly attend the event. Next, decide on a wedding date, then confirm the venue and officiant. Now, tell your family and friends.”

2. Don’t be a control freak and try to do everything yourself!
“A bride always needs someone to help, even if she cannot pay for a coordinator. My advice would be to find a friend with good organisational skills, who on the day of the wedding can follow your schedule of events and keep the wedding moving forward and on time.”

3. Some common planning mistakes that people make and you can learn from…
” Firstly, they strive for perfection—your best is more than good enough. Secondly, they spend too much on the dress, and not enough on the guests. Or they focus on small things instead of the big picture. Thirdly, they don’t enjoy the journey and allow themselves to get stressed. This is the time to support one another in every respect.”

4. Treat your guests right.
“No matter how beautiful your wedding day looks, the comfort of your guests is most important. How you treat your guests and make them welcome is more important than the food you serve or the dress you wear.”

5. A simple idea for a good wedding favor
“A box of chocolates—what lady doesn’t enjoy a beautifully wrapped box of delicious sweets?”