Tips from celeb wedding planner, David Tutera

When planning for your big day, getting advice from married couples who have been there done that can save you lots of hassle. What’s more if you can get sound tips from celebrity wedding planners who have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names?

For this post, we consolidated four handy tips from American celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, who is the man behind extravagant weddings of Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.

1. Step out of your comfort zone
“(For their big day) Couples have to tell a story, there has to be personality and heart. I would advise couples not to be too safe and to instead step outside the box. Brides can often be nervous that they’re going to do something wrong but just relax, you should make your wedding interesting and make it all about you and your other half.”

2. Budget and keep to it
“Figure out and stick to your budget! This should be your first step (right after calling all of your loved ones to give them the good news) and you should continue to refer back to this throughout the planning process. Sticking to a well-defined budget will ensure stress-free days leading up to your wedding! This will also help you to narrow down options when planning all of the different elements of your big day.”

3. The most crucial thing that’s worth splurging on is…
“To me, the most important thing to splurge on is a great photographer! You might not remember what songs the DJ played or how the catering and cake tasted when you celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary. But looking back on your photographs will remind you and your husband of all of your wonderful memories and the joy that was your wedding day! You want to make sure to hire someone who’s work you love, and who you will feel comfortable and at ease with all day.”

4. And save money on this…
“The least important thing to splurge on is the printed materials. You’ll want your guests to have a great time and enjoy themselves, so entertainment and food are pretty high up there in importance. Though your printed materials are an important element of the day, they won’t make or break the event. Printed materials are also an easy (and fun) element to DIY so you can save tons! Get creative with DIY programs, menus, and escort cards!”