Tips from celeb wedding planner, Mindy Weiss

When planning for your big day, getting advice from married couples who have been there done that can save you lots of hassle. What’s more if you can get sound tips from celebrity wedding planners who have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names?

For this post, we consolidated five handy tips from celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss. Most notably known as one of the top five wedding planners in the United States, Weiss has worked with Pink, Eva Longoria and Gwen Stefani for their weddings.

1. Be yourself.
“When brides come to me, often they’re coming with pictures torn out of magazines. Nine times out of 10, it’s a celebrity wedding that they’re trying to emulate. But I’ll encourage picking only one element you love, and re-creating it in your own, different way. I still want it to be your event — not Fergie’s or Gwen’s. I want you to have your moment.”

2. How to make your wedding memorable for guests.
“The guests really like to feel a sense of uniqueness as well. Remember: They’re attending several weddings a year and don’t want a cookie-cutter evening any more than you do. I suggest translating your style and personal information as much as possible, even in unsuspecting ways, like with the menu. For example, get a chef to reproduce a favorite recipe that you both love so there are little details that people will know they have only seen at your wedding.”

3. Go vintage shopping.
“I draw design inspiration from the markets — even for the most luxe weddings. You wouldn’t believe the inspiration you can find at a flea market. Jenna Dewan (who married Channing Tatum) told me she wanted to give out handkerchiefs to the women at her wedding and I thought it was such an awesome idea for tears of joy during the ceremony. So rather than just buying standard handkerchiefs, Jenna and I spent the next few months searching for vintage ones — and found 80 in total, all unique!”

4. If anything goes wrong, laugh it off.
“A lot of people ask me what kind of disasters I’ve experienced or how I prevent them. But really, the best thing you can do is stay calm and keep your eyes on the prize. I once planned a wedding in Aspen, where the cake imploded! I looked at the baker very calmly and said, ‘You have two and a half hours until they come into this tent. Take it in the back and do the best you can.’ Unfortunately, the cake was never the same, but it made for a hilarious story later. The bride and groom laughed it off, so did the guests!”

5. Most important of all, communicate.
“It’s really important that you’re honest with each other as a couple during the wedding planning process. I think it’s a great lesson into marriage. The experience you gain from planning a massive event together will translate into other decisions you’ll face as a married couple. You will be shocked by what you never knew about your partner before you planned this wedding! And amid the compromising and joint decision making, the reason for it all becomes clear: You’re about to start a life together.”