Tips from celeb wedding planner, Preston Bailey


When planning for your big day, getting advice from married couples who have been there done that can save you lots of hassle. What’s more if you can get sound tips from celebrity wedding planners who have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names?

For this post, we consolidated four handy tips from celebrity wedding planner, Preston Bailey, who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

1. Give your guests drama
“For me, any wedding or any event is about transporting the guest into a very dramatic environment — having them escape in this world of beauty and real lusciousness. To me, ‘over the top’ represents generosity, and I think that’s what events should be about. You are going to spoil your guests with every single luxury, food, music that you possibly can.”

2. Wow them
“Capture the guests’ attention from the moment they arrive. Even if other aspects of the wedding are more subtle, a strong first impression (like a striking escort table arrangement) will set the right tone and create lasting memories for your guests.”

3. Don’t disregard the ceremony decor
“It’s easy to get caught up in the themes and details of the party, but the ceremony should get equal attention. Ultimately, that is why people are there. You want to create an emotional environment that moves everyone to tears.”

4. Relax and enjoy!
“I think the greatest mistake that most brides make is that they’re so tense the day of their wedding. I suggest hiring people you trust so that even if you tend to be a bit obsessive over details, you’ll know they’re taking care of everything. That way you can actually enjoy yourself and your guests. You should be at your best on the day of your wedding so let go, and have a great time!”