Tips to Save Money In Your Wedding!

(Photo from CNN Money)

Melanie Hicken and her fiancé, Ryan (pictured above) were like any other couple when they were planning for their wedding — wanting to throw the best wedding reception for their guests, but mindful of their budget as well. We share some of the advice the couple had to give based on their experience; hope it’ll come in handy for your wedding planning as well! TGIF!

1. Trim your wedding, not your guestlist

One of the first things that couples often think of cutting when they face a tight budget is to trim their guestlist. However, Bay Area wedding planner Elizabeth Clayton suggests that couples try to save some money by reviewing the details of one’s weddings, rather than make excruciating decisions over who to throw out. For example, couples can save a couple of hundreds by simply limiting the beverage options available at the wedding. Another way to save money is to reconsider the use of fresh flowers as decorations and table centrepieces. Instead, consider budget-friendly options such as succulents.

2. Watch out for hidden costs

Some venues might have minimum spending requirements, and that could mean that you might be paying more than you are actually consuming. (Always read the fine print before you commit to anything!) To save some pennies, consider throwing your wedding banquet during less popular periods of the year, or days instead. Alternatively, spend a little more effort to find venues that do not have minimum spending requirements.

3. Shop small

While small businesses are not necessarily cheaper, they might be more inflexible to negotiate prices, or come up with customised packages to suit your needs. Instead of purchasing everything, some innovative startups might have solutions that can help you save some money — for example bridesmaid dresses rental services.

4. Stay away from the glue gun

Surprise, surprise — DIY might cost you just as much as buying decorations. Be mindful of how much your materials cost, as some DIY projects are less economical than they look. While the sums look small isolated, repeated trips to Spotlight or Daiso might add up to a bigger sum than you originally envisioned. For couples who are doing DIY for the first time, be sure to also allocate extra allowances in your budget to accommodate for mistakes.

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