Travel: Maan Coffee, Beijing

We know it’s all the rage now to have your pre-wedding photoshoots overseas — what better than capturing your dreamy moments against the backdrop of another cityscape just to make things a little more special on your wedding day, right?

While Taiwan and Europe might list among the top choice destinations for our couples, we’ve also met some who opted to have their photoshoots at Beijing, China! After all, there’s no better place than Beijing if you’re a fan of opulent oriental backdrops, traditional architecture, and rich luxurious colours (think red and gold)!

Recommended spots for great pictures include classic must-gos such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, to quaint hutongs (traditional back alleys) and olden day wooden houses, to dramatic modern architecture such as the Opera House of the National Grand Theatre Beijing and the Beijing National Stadium.

If you’re looking for something that is more quirky and closer to daily life, we chanced upon Maan Coffee (漫咖啡) — a pretty cafe chain from Korea that is oh-so-photogenic! (Or, if you’re just looking for a place to catch a breather between shoots, this is the place for you!)

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

Maan Coffee’s outlet near Workers’ Stadium is housed in an independent two-storey building and features wood extensively in their architecture and interior design. The cafe’s furniture is a delightful and eclectic mix of pieces such as plush armchairs, well-worn vintage wooden tables, and the odd knick-knack here and there. To jazz things up, each table is adorned with its own light piece, be it a simple but functional floor lamp, or a Moroccan glass-crystal chandelier. The second floor of the cafe even features a full glass ceiling, which is great for its generous natural light, which of course means great pictures for you!

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

Maan Coffee, (fortunately) unlike its namesake, offers more than just coffee on its menu. Be prepared to be spoilt for choice between the various tempting flavours of waffles, toast and sundaes! While the menu is slightly lacking in terms of substantial food that can fill your stomach, the sweets are a welcome respite from Beijing’s sweltering summer, we say!  The cafe also has an interesting ordering system — each customer is given a different coloured bear, which the wait staff will use to identify you when they deliver your order! How adorable is that!

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

And just so you know, Maan Coffee has thoughtfully included power sockets at almost every table — not that it would really matter to you, but we love a cafe that takes its customer service seriously! (And hey, you never know when you would need one of those sockets for an urgent power charge to your iPhone!)

Maan Coffee