Travel: Best Spots to Catch a Romantic Sunset in Kenting!

For all lovey-dovey getaways, there’s one thing that can’t be missing from your perfect itinerary — a romantic sunset. This week, W&T travelled to the southernmost tip of Taiwan, the wonderful beach town of Kenting, and sussed out the best spots for you to catch the magnificent sight of the sun dropping into the Pacific Ocean!

1. Guanshan (觀山)


The beautiful mountain vantage point of Guanshan has long been an open secret for local Taiwanese tourists seeking out the magical sunset moment in Kenting. To get to Guanshan, your best bet would be to rent your own vehicle and drive up. (Otherwise, motorcycles work too, though slightly more tedious!) While you can jolly well enjoy the beautiful view from your vehicle, we recommend that you join other fellow sunset-chasers at the local eatery selling savoury kuehs at mid-hill. This is where you can enjoy premium seats for the sunset for as little as just slightly more than S$2! You can also strike up a conversation with the boss, who’s used to receiving tourists who’re after the view — he might just tell you (from his many years of experience) whether today’s sunset is going to match up.

2. Wanlitong (萬里桐)


If you’re looking for a sunset view with a laid-back small town vibe, Wanlitong is the spot for you. Enjoy the glorious last rays of the day’s sun sitting on the ledge just by the roadship amidst the subtle hubbub of the local residents in the neighbourhood — the sounds of people coming home from a hard day at work; fisherfolk reeling in their catch at the embankment a short distance away; a family’s dog barking. And the best part? While we were there, there were only a few other people who were catching the sunset too. We reckon that this must mean Wanlitong is not a touristy spot, and that can only bode well for the romantic atmosphere.

3. South Bay (南灣)


For all those who’re hanging out around town, or don’t have the transport to go too far, South Bay is your best bet for a convenient location to catch the sunset in Kenting. Conveniently located near the beach where most of your sea activities are at, and a stone’s throw away from many of Kenting’s accommodations, chances are you’ll find yourself at South Bay without even realising it. While the views are spectacular as well, the only downside is that this spot is a staple on all tourist itineraries and you might find yourself jostling for some space.

Do you all any other “secret spots” where you catch the sunset at Kenting? We’ll love to hear from you!