Travel: Cafe hopping in Bangkok – Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Think gastronomic pleasure in Bangkok and the bustling city’s endless street stalls come to mind. The Land of Smiles however is cooking up a new platter of dining options – charming cafes serving satisfying food fare as well as much-needed respite after hours of shopping.

This is W&T’s second pit stop in our three-part cafe itinerary in Bangkok.

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Nestled in a building along one of Thong Lor’s many alleys, this flagship store of Mr. Jones’ Orphanage is certainly not as easy to locate as compared to its branch in swanky new Siam Centre. While we took a cab there, my companion and I got lost for a bit in the never ending soi but it all proved worthwhile when we finally found Mr. Jones’ Orphanage.

Created by Ashley Sutton, the mastermind behind many quirky cafe places in Bangkok including The Bookshop which we introduced previously, the cafe exudes joyful whimsical charm, much contrary to its name.

A hopscotch drawn on the floor and fluffy teddy bears of all sizes greeted us when we stepped inside. Also hard to be missed, a huge table filled with desserts right on our left. The main dining area on our right had even grander decorations. Apart from being furnished with wooden furniture and royal blue accessories, right in the middle of the room and above a round table with high-back arm chairs fit for a king, hung a mini carousel adorned with wooden miniature horses and numerous paper planes. Simply put, it felt like I had walked into one of those fantasy dream lands I used to imagine after reading the books of Enid Blyton.




At Mr. Jones’ Orphanage, while they do serve mains, one can afford to skip them and head straight into dessert heaven. Lemonade scones, Red Velvet cake, Chocolate mudpie and a delightful choco-cake made from Kit Kat and M&M await! The latter is about the most sinful chocolate cake we’ve ever had and we definitely recommend sharing. Throughout the meal, let your inner child shine again and have fun playing the toy soldiers from yesteryears.

Be spoilt for choice when it comes to desserts!



Before leaving, do remember to check out the second level of this cafe as we were very kindly reminded by a friendly waitress. All we can say is have fun but do look out for your head! What makes this location extra pleasing is that this soi exudes the vibes of a back alley in Tokyo. As we were told, this area in Thong Lor is home to a large Japanese community in Bangkok. Along our stroll, we chanced upon a bakery selling Japanese bread, whose decor resemble one of those you’ll find in the streets of Tokyo. How wonderful.

Mr. Jones Orphanage
1/F Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13 (Nearest BTS is Thong Lor)
Opens daily from 10am to midnight
+66 2 185 2378 |

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