Travel: Cafe hopping in Bangkok – The Bookshop

Think gastronomic pleasure in Bangkok and the bustling city’s endless street stalls come to mind. The Land of Smiles however is cooking up a new platter of dining options – charming cafes serving satisfying food fare as well as much-needed respite after hours of shopping. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you new spots to visit in your next trip to Bangkok.

(Photo Credits: Wedding & Travel)

We had made it a point to fit The Bookshop into our itinerary after first reading about it on CNN Travel. Wowed by its decor, we had high hopes for this elaborately decked out cafe and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Located within a serene hotel-like residential area with blocks of sparkling white high-rise apartments dotted by manicured plots of lush green, it was as if we had stepped into a different world when my companion and I alighted from our taxi. The magic doesn’t end there.

Push open the glass door which says “The Bookshop” in a Harry-Potter-ish font, trust us when we say “Wow” was the only word we could master. The waitress who attended to us was probably too used to such reactions from first-timers and left us to take in the almost surreal display which at one go was simply overwhelming.

The cafe, designed by Ashley Sutton who also created cutesy cafe Mr Jones Orphanage, looked like a scene from one of American film director Tim Burton’s movies. From right to left, there was a staircase leading to nowhere, floating shelves and heaps of books moving up and down while suspended in mid-air. Throw in the black and white color theme of cast iron curves, mirrors on the walls, comfy arm chairs and soothing acoustic covers of various pop songs, welcome to wonderland.

Moving books hanging from the ceiling.

To complete the experience, the menu is divided into sections like “Introduction”, “Chapter 1” and “The End” with food and beverage items having fun names and entertaining descriptions. For one, a cocktail named “The Plot Thickens” is described as “Full of suspense with a satisfying climax”. Fancy names aside, our meal was pleasant. Apart from coffee, we particularly liked our Truffle Mushroom Risotto, where every rice grain was coated with a rich blend of truffle and cheese.


A must-mention is the bill served in a book wrapped in black soft leather. So before you hand over the bill, flip through it and have a good read or laugh! For ours was a collection of real-life jokes and fun trivia surrounding the various Presidents of the United States which left us chuckling.

We were the only two customers that afternoon, possibly because this chic spot is more introduced as a night bar, going from what we read on most blogs. But if you’re looking for a quiet moment over a cuppa, do pop by in the day. While the prices here might be slightly steep as compared to the other cafes around Thong Lo, the extravagant furnishings which provides one with a secret fantasy hide-out more than makes up for it.

We’ll be back, for sure.

The Bookshop
Sukhumvit Soi 38, Ashton Condominium (Nearest BTS is Thong Lo)
Opens daily from 11am to midnight
+66 2 187 4949 |