Travel: Cafe hopping in Bangkok – Vanilla Garden

Think gastronomic pleasure in Bangkok and the bustling city’s endless street stalls come to mind. The Land of Smiles however is cooking up a new platter of dining options – charming cafes serving satisfying food fare as well as much-needed respite after hours of shopping.

This is W&T’s final stop in our three-part cafe itinerary in Bangkok.

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One common grouse from tourists who embark on cafe hopping trips in Bangkok is that most cafes are hidden in complex alleys that are difficult to navigate. Even Tuk-tuk drivers get lost we heard! But don’t be put off by this for these spots are, most of the time, hidden gems. Vanilla Garden, tucked away in a residential street within Ekamai district, is such.

Nestled in a calming setting of manicured greenery around a water fountain, Vanilla Garden provides for a much-needed hideout away from Bangkok’s hustle and bustle. And that is why we chose this outlet to visit, rather than the much more accessible Vanilla Cafe located at Siam Square.

We were greeted with welcoming serenity the minute we stepped into Vanilla Cafe, the main attraction in Vanilla Garden which is also home to Sauce, a cookbook library; Royal Vanilla, a Chinese restaurant serving dimsum; as well as the main office of Vanilla Industry. With minimalist interior decor, adorned with elements of Japanese culture like vintage toys and shelves of manga, this charming spot displaces friendly and homely vibes that make you want to stay here and laze the afternoon away.




Additional plus points come in the form of satisfying food fare. Specializing in Japanese as well as Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine, we strongly recommend Cold Japanese Ramen as well as a Sunny side up crepe. The former is a hearty mix of greens with salmon while the latter is a scrumptious serving of mushrooms, bacon and egg well wrapped in a crispy crepe wrap.


Vanilla Garden
53 Ekamai Soi 12 (Nearest BTS is Ekamai)
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm
+66 2 381 6120

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