Travel: Graf, Osaka, Japan

In our last entry, we talked about refined spaces in Osaka that defy the traditional image of the city (if you missed it, here it is again). To take things up where we left off, today, we introduce you to Graf — a beautifully curated shop/cafe in Osaka located just a stone’s throw away from the Osaka Science Museum.

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

Graf is run by a design studio based in Osaka, and has long been known for its exquisite selection of well-designed goods, and its function as a collaborative space for the local community. The store’s interiors largely take after the Scandinavian influence, with heavy use of wooden furniture and warm lighting that makes one feel at home upon stepping in. Graf makes a fresh and interesting shopping experience with a tightly curated showcase of furniture, indie music, local food stuffs and so on. If you are looking for something that you can bring back, you would definitely be spoilt for choice with the beautiful stationery and handmade jewellery (by local designers) on display!

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

When you’re done shopping, take a seat at the adjoined cafe, which has a reasonably priced menu of drinks and desserts that would be great for an indulgent afternoon snack. We recommend trying out the limited edition seasonal tea (after all, who can resist the temptation of the phrase ‘limited edition’?) and the chocolate pound cake, which has a pleasant subtle sweetness, but hits the spot all the same! If you’re in luck, you might just snag a window seat, which gives a spectacular view of the cherry blossom trees lining the street outside!

For more information, visit Graf’s website at