Travel: Into Jimmy’s world at Yilan, Taiwan

After having several of his works adapted into best-selling TV series and movies, one of Taiwan’s most popular illustrator Jimmy Liao, who’s affectionately known as 几米 by his readers, is now recreating his whimsical works into a real life destination.

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Featuring life-sized exhibits from 3 of his well-known titles including “A Chance of Sunshine” (向左走,向右走), Jimmy’s Park (几米广场) is a make-believe world embracing the idea of capturing moments in life. Located accessibly near the Yilan railway station, the previously vacated railway hostel has been given a new lease of life and is fast becoming one of the must-go places in Taiwan’s Yilan county, hometown to the famous illustrator.

Visitors can expect to relive classic scenes from the popular titles, like the scene where the romantically-linked characters from “A Chance of Sunshine” who are just not meant to be, walk in opposite directions. As well as a wall painting featuring an imaginative scene of the flying bus from “Starry Starry Night” (星空). Other elements of the picture book are also placed in various parts of the park so have fun searching!


(Photo Credit: here)

With striking colors and cheery vibes, we are sure even non-readers of Jimmy’s pictorial books will love this place. So don’t hesitate to add this site into your itinerary when you visit Taiwan the next time!

Jimmy’s Park 吉米广场
1 Guangfu Road, Yilan City, Yilan County (宜兰县宜兰市光复路1號)
As the park is a public space, it is opened all year round with no admission charges.