Travel: Locks of Love Around The World

For those who caught the heist caper film “Now You See Me” in theaters lately, the mention of Paris’ love lock bridge would perhaps sound familiar. After all, this was where two of the main characters reunite in the ending scene. The investigative partners, who shared an ambiguous love relationship in the film, then affixed a padlock unto the bridge and threw the key into the Seine River as an unspoken commitment to their relationship and the secret they share.

This somewhat romantic scene is not a make believe created by the movie producers. In fact, the custom of a love lock, which are padlocks put unto fences, gates and bridges by lovebirds as a symbolization of their undying love, exists not only in Paris. Therefore, we at W&T came up with our very own list of love lock spots around the world for you lovebirds to have a most romantic holiday!

parisThe Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris.

1. Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, France
The Pont des Arts, also known as the Passerellle des Arts, is a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Seine River and located near Paris’ landmark, the Louvre. Since the cadenas d’amour (love lock) tradition mysteriously started a few years back, it has become one of the most popular spots amongst the French and tourists to leave behind a testimony of their love. The ritual goes supposedly like this: couples first write their names or initials on the locks before attaching it to the bridge; then kiss the key and throw it into the Seine River as an act that their lock (and hence love) will remain forever.

Apart from the Pont des Arts, the Pont de l’Archevêché is apparently another popular love lock spot in Paris. It is said however, that the two bridges represent different commitments. The former represents one’s committed love while the latter signifies a dedication to your lover.

Irregardless of the location you eventually decide on, we think this is still one must-do in Paris. After all, what can be more romantic to leave your mark of affection in the world’s City of Love? We recommend however that you bring along your own lock if this is a planned spot on your itinerary, for locks sold at the area can be exorbitant.

2. Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence, Italy
The ritual of love locks in Italy is said to be inspired by a book titled “I Want You” by Italian author Federico Moccia and this ancient bridge in Florence is where it all officially materialized. Locks of various shapes and sizes can be seen hanging alongside of this arch bridge spanning the Arno River, especially around the statue of Italian artist Benvenuto Cellini.

Apart from this, we think the Ponte Vecchion, which literally means “Old Bridge”, is a spot worth visiting especially if you are a history lover. Built during the Roman Times, this is one monument which have withstood the test of time and survived the attack of Germans during World War II.

3. Namsan Tower in Seoul, Korea
Apart from boasting of the most spectacular paranomic view of Seoul, the observation deck located at the top of Namsan Tower is a sight to see with tens of thousands of love locks decorating the area. It is said that this practice of leaving a lock on top of the tower and later throwing the key down was first made popular by a K-drama.

Apart from K-drama fans, the Namsan Tower remains a must-go destination especially for first timers to Seoul. Sight-seeing aside, there are plenty to do around the tourist hotspot. The Teddy Bear Museum is a must-go for females and children and for nature lovers, pop by the Namsan Park, the city’s largest green space, for a leisure stroll.

4. Fengyuan Train Station in Taichung, Taiwan
It is said that the custom of hanging locks on a fence near the Fengyuan train station began in 2004, when some local resident found padlocks with unidentified foreign language near the area. Before long, these padlocks were known as wish locks and even become infused with local folklore which states that trains generate a magnetic field when they travel through the underpass hence creating energy to fulfill wishes written on the wish locks.

While the theory of trains creating energy remains untested, this has since attracted locals and tourists to the quiet downtown in Taichung. The area is especially popular among students who pray for good results as well as lovers who seek to capture a moment of passion by hanging two padlocks together forming the “Heart Locks”.