Travel: Quince Eatery & Bar, Bangkok

(Photo from Quince Facebook)

Think about Bangkok and the first thing that comes to mind would be the vibrant street dining scene. But little known to many casual visitors, Bangkok too has its fair share of cosmopolitan and fashionable eateries that do not pale in comparison to those in big cities such as New York, Tokyo or Singapore. Quince Eatery & Bar, located at Sukhumvit Soi 45, is one place in question.

Founded by Australian chef Jesse Barnes, and serving a mostly expatriate clientele, the dining experience at Quince would fall into the category of contemporary casual fine dining — the cuisine’s ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from local suppliers as much as possible, and reflect the produce in season, but the dining environment is laidback and without the stifling uptightness that may accompany a more traditional restaurant. Expect innovative, healthy and delicious fare such as beet root salad with feta cheese and blueberry sauce; crab meat pasta; and homemade ice-cream in a variety of flavours including chamomile and pumpkin.

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

Quince’s interiors reflect the dining experience it encompasses. From the approach, one is immediately attracted by Quince’s large glass facade that allows a generous amount of natural light through the cafe, effortlessly creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meals. The furniture mostly appears to be repurposed — the tables, in particular, are mostly made from restored wood (you can still see the damaged grain) in muted shades. The vintage look is completed with linen place mats and napkins, and tarnished metal boxes as toothpick containers. Even the cut fresh flowers decorating each table are carefully chosen in sublime shades of purple and moss to keep the look cohesive.

While some may say that it is ironic to indulge in such hipster cuisine in Bangkok when you can get the same at home, we say, why not? Such options are an experience in itself, albeit a different one from the usual you would expect in Bangkok. And who’s to say that you are not discovering something that is unique to Bangkok through this fusion cuisine that combines the best of western culinary techniques and Thailand’s local ingredients and seasoning?

Quince Eatery & Bar
Sukhumvit Soi 45 (Beside Casa Pagoda)
Nearest BTS Station: Phrom Phong