UK couple only needed *S$2 for wedding

Wedding costs have been cited as a big reason why Singaporean couples are shelving their wedding plans, according to a survey done earlier this year. Costs for the reception venue, food, bridal attire and photography, which are must-haves for any wedding, can easily set a couple back by more than $20,000 to even hundreds of thousands.

And this is why we read with interest about one UK couple who only managed to spend one pound (approximately SGD $2) for their wedding reception!

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“There is nothing to gain from spending a huge amount of money. The day is supposed to be about marrying the person you love and for us all that mattered was that we were becoming husband and wife. We didn’t want or need a big, fancy affair,” said the bride Georgina, 36, who is also dedicated to recycling. “From day one of the engagement, we knew we wanted a small and cheap wedding, it was a natural thing for us because we are so invested in recycling and self-sustainability. We have always been a bit alternative and arty so I enjoyed doing something a little different from everyone else’s weddings.”

While this writer certainly agrees with what Georgina said, it is however a difficult feat to be thrifty while planning for a wedding of your dreams. Just how did the artist and her songwriter husband, Sid, accomplish this?


Venue: A barn behind the couple’s idyllic cottage near Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands, decorated with solar lanterns, locally grown flowers and hay bales donated by nearby farmers.

On the bride: A simple yet classic 1960s hand-made ivory gown with embroidered sleeves which Georgina found on the website ‘Freecycle’, an online community for people to swap unwanted items. The price of the dress? One pound, which means the gown was the only expenditure for the wedding!

On the groom: True to his recycling beliefs, the suit on Sid was bought years ago from Marks and Spencer.


The wedding band: Hand-crafted by Georgina using antlers she found in their garden.

The ceremony: Georgina’s mother conducted the ceremony while her father played the saxophone to 1940s jazz. A local reverend offered his services for free to pronounce the couple man and wife. There were also lovely photos taken by a photographer, whose services Georgina, also a film editor, would repay by working for him in return. Apart from a three-tierd wedding cake baked by Georgina’s aunt, the 70 guests who attended the occasion brought their own food and drinks.

What do you think about Sid and Georgina’s S$2 wedding? Or do you have anything to say about wedding costs in Singapore? Leave us a comment.