Unusual Weddings from Around the World

There’s nothing like looking at these unconventional but oh-so-cool weddings (rounded up by Business Insider) from around the world to brighten up our day! For adventurous couples who are dreaming up your big day to be once in a lifetime and memorable for years, these might give you some ideas!

Akemi Kito and Hiroshi Matsuoka wed inside a chapel made of ice at the ‘Igloo Village’ on Lake Shikaribetsu on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido.

Grooms carry their brides in a mini-marathon as they celebrate the new year and their nuptials in Sanya, Hainan in China.

Yulia Tagil sits on the backseat of a bike as she arrives for her wedding ceremony in Tel Aviv.

Joey Bayo and his wife Lea plant a mangrove tree after their wedding in San Jose town, Puerto Princesa, Palawan city, western Philippines.

Prasit Rangsiyawong kisses his bride Varuttaon Rangsiyawong in Prachin Buri province, east of Bangkok, Thailand.

Melessa and Rick Clark exchanged vows in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Sine Andersen and her husband Rune Jamrath wed at the World Santa Claus Congress at an amusement park north of Copenhagen.

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