US Shutdown: Four Rearranged Weddings

While Republicans and Democrats continue to battle it out on Capitol Hill, we read with interest from BBC News of how the US shutdown has forced four couples to reconsider their wedding plans. (Read the full story here.)

(Picture from BBC News)

Natasha and Sean — wedded on 6 October in Los Angeles

The couple had fell in love with Paramount Movie Ranch which was a short distance outside of Los Angeles, but had to readjust their plans when the facility was affected  by the shutdown. Postponement was not an option as the couple had friends and family who would be flying in from as far as Taiwan. In the end, through a stroke of luck, the couple was able to hold their wedding at a ranch two hours away from Paramount Movie Ranch — the ranch-owner had seen the couple’s predicament in the local papers, and kindly offered her place at a 90% discount for the wedding.

Drake and Zach — wedding slated for 13 Oct, location unknown

Drake and Zach’s plans for a “stress-free and low-key” wedding at the Yosemite National Park were disrupted when the park closed due to the shutdown. The couple is currently scrambling to put together a wedding at San Francisco.

Genevieve and Michael — wedded on 2 Oct at Arizona

Genevieve said that she was literally freaking out and turning into “bridezilla” when she received news that her dream of having a wedding at the Grand Canyon were now dashed by the shutdown. The couple managed to shift their wedding to be held at Sedona, Arizona. With the new location, one surprise was in store for the bride though — she never thought that she would be hiking in a wedding dress!

MaiLien and Michael — wedded on 6 Oct at Washington DC

MaiLien and Michael had wanted to marry at the Jefferson Memorial, which was the location of their first date. The couple, who had previous work experience in politics, were familiar with Capitol Hill tussles. But that did not stop the ordeal from frustrating them, especially when their own wedding became a victim.

We can imagine the logistical nightmare these four couples must have gone through to pull their weddings together in such short notice! No matter what, we’re glad that things worked out for them in the end. Aren’t you glad that such events won’t be taking place in Singapore anytime soon?