Utada Hikaru Gets Married to Italian Beau!

(Pictures from here)

Japanese pop diva Utada Hikaru, 31, has married her Italian bartender boyfriend, Francesco Calliano, 23, in a dreamy wedding ceremony held at Polignano a Mare, Southern Italy this week!

Utada Hikaru was an elegant sight in white, turning up in a delicate lace dress, accessorised with just a simple flower band. About 300 of the local residents reportedly turned up to catch a glimpse of the singer as she stepped into the church. A known stickler for privacy, Utada Hikaru hired about eight bodyguards to shield her from prying cameras — the bodyguards held paper umbrellas, as Utada Hikaru made her way to the aisle. All guests were also informed beforehand that no photographs were allowed at the wedding ceremony.

This is Utada Hikaru’s second marriage — she was previously married to photographer and film director, Kazuaki Kiriya for four and a half years. We hope Utada Hikaru gets second time lucky. Congratulations!