Want to Plan a Memorable Wedding? Here Are Some Top Picks

While many couples at the early stage of their wedding planning do not have a clear idea of what exactly they want, they do know, however, that they want their wedding to be memorable. The following list of locations from this timely piece from Yahoo News would give you some ideas on unique (and many times, unimaginable) wedding venues that you can consider for your memorable wedding.

1. Dracula’s castle — Transylvania, Romania

(Photo from Yahoo News)

For couples who are into gothic architecture and are looking to channel a mysterious vibe for your wedding, the Bran Castle in Romania would be right up your alley. The castle, which dates back to the 14th century, is said to be the former home of Vlad the Impaler, upon whom the classic literature character Dracula is based on. While the spectacular castle is now a museum that is open to the public, couples can rent the entire place for their weddings for US$900,000.

2. Kennedy Space Centre — Cape Canaveral, Florida

(Photo from Yahoo News)

For couples who are into science fiction and dream of having your very own futuristic wedding, why not consider the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA? The breathtaking facility cost a whooping US$800 million to build in 1962 and still functions as a NASA facility to this day, albeit in the R&D aspect. Couples can choose to get married at its visitor centre against the backdrop of space shuttles and satellites, or go for the zero-gravity option which costs US$5,000 per person. Love is in the air, indeed.

3. N Resort  Jamaica

(Photo from Yahoo News)

For couples who are looking for a more liberating experience, the N Resort at Jamaica might be the choice for you. Situated against a gorgeous seafront, this premium nudist resort offers couples who purchase a week-long stay with a luxury wedding package which includes a complimentary wedding licence, wedding planner, cake, flowers, private dinner and so on. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about any wedding dress woes (what dress?) at all. On the down side, we’re not sure if you would still be able to face your guests normally after seeing them in the buff…

4. The Ice Hotel — Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

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For couples who are still stuck in Frozen fever, the Ice Hotel in Sweden would be top on your list. The Ice Hotel is constructed with blocks of ice from scratch every year, making no two buildings the same — great for couples who are after that extra bit of exclusivity! Wedding packages start from US$7,600 and includes the use of the Ice Chapel, suites in the hotel on the wedding night, use of the on-site wedding planner, and dinner options. We reckon your first night together will be a rather chilly one, but then again, that just makes another reason to huddle together.

5. Ernest Hemingway’s Home — Key West, Fla.

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For literary couples, what is more perfect than tying the knot at the old residence of literature great Ernest Hemingway? The Spanish Colonial property was constructed in 1851 and is a museum today, showcasing various personal items of Hemingway. With enough space to accommodate about 30 guests, the property offers an indoor and outdoor option for weddings, and can be rented from US$375 per hour onwards.

Read the original article at Yahoo News.