Wedding Advice: Planning a ‘Chillax’ Wedding

(Photo from Yahoo Style)

We’ve all come across this dilemma before — you would much rather have a small, intimate and informal wedding (or none at all), but are compelled to throw a wedding banquet because of your family members. The good news is, you are not alone with this headache. Here are two pieces of useful advice from professional wedding planners on how to make your big day as ‘chillax’ (chill and relax) as possible.

Goodbye Bridezilla

The largest part of a bride’s stress comes from the actual planning of the wedding itself. To avoid this, hire someone to do your wedding planning for you, if you’re absolutely turned off by the idea of planning a massive banquet wedding. Research and find service providers whose aesthetics match yours, and let the professionals work their magic.

For brides who are not a fan of over-the-top wedding makeup, do your own makeup! (Ignore those people who insist that you can’t do that.) Tap on the expansive range of online video tutorials to find a look that is perfect for you. Alternatively, enroll in a short makeup workshop to learn a few tricks on how to glam up your look before your big day.

Plan a wedding that you would want to attend

One of the biggest sources of frustrations for many brides is when you feel like your family members start to overrule what you want and impose their views on your wedding decisions. Try to be firm in the face of such family members and state your preferences politely but firmly. Don’t feel obliged to conform to certain family traditions if you honestly do not identify with those practices. This is your wedding, and if you’re not having fun, no one else would. Oh, and if you need a convenient excuse to ignore your family members’ views? Just say that your wedding planner said otherwise.

What other tips do you have on planning for a super no-frills wedding? Share with us!

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