Wedding Apps to Help You Out!

Trust us, we know exactly how challenging planning a wedding can be — a million details to keep track of, endless correspondences with caterers, planners, and decorators, and the biggest nightmare of all — RSVP lists. That’s why we all need some technology in our lives to make things a little easier. Wedding & Travel checks out these functional wedding apps that can hopefully help you to keep the stress levels low, and make the process more manageable!

1. The Knot Wedding Planner

We are definitely impressed by this awesome wedding planning app by The Knot. Presented in an organised and comprehensive manner much like what we’ve come to expect from this dedicated website, the app helps you to keep track and manage your planning process through an extensive to-do list that ticks down to your wedding (e.g. 9-11 months before your wedding). To help wrap your mind around matters better, you can also filter tasks by due date, category, assignee and more! Available for download on iPhone and iPad here.

2. WedHappy

wedding happy-320-100

WedHappy is another delightful wedding planning app that helps you manage your to-do list and timeline for your wedding. Different from The Knot, which lists all the things you have to do on one screen, WedHappy helps you to keep the stress level down by showing tasks in a gradual and step-by-step manner. This means that the app only shows you your next tasks when you have appropriately completed the current tasks on hand. To ensure that you don’t sit on things, there is always a handy deadline for each task — if you get too lazy the deadline says ‘as soon as possible’! With cheerful graphics and details such as achievements for completing tasks, WedHappy livens up the planning process and makes it feel like a game. Download it here.

3. My Day


My Day is a countdown timer app that boasts a lovely design to keep your mood pretty all the time while you look forward to the biggest day of your life! The app has a clean interface that is user-friendly and clear at a glance. Apart from your wedding, you can also keep track of multiple important dates — your loved one’s birthday, anniversaries, and so on! Download here.

4. First Dance


First Dance is a nifty music app that helps you put together your playlist during the wedding, particularly for the first dance! Though the song list provided on the free version is not too extensive, it contains many of the classic songs that are popular in weddings, and is helpfully sorted in genres such as 70s, 80s, classical and so on, and will provide that little jumpstart you need to get inspired! Of course, the cute design helps as well! Download here.

5. The Knot Lookbook


This is a great app for brides who are still searching for their wedding dress. With access to more than 5,000 designs through the app, you’ll be sure to chance upon the perfect dress! In case you are worried about being overwhelmed by the large number of designs, don’t worry as you can sift through the selection by specifying your preferred silhouettes, necklines, lengths and fabrics. Definitely a more efficient way to garner inspiration than aimlessly surfing countless websites! Of course, you can also save your favourite looks and pull them out easily when you speak to your dressmaker. Download it here.