Wedding Bells for Taiwanese Entertainment Host Aya!

(Picture from Channel NewsAsia)

Wedding bells are ringing for Taiwanese entertainment host Aya, best known for her comedic stints on popular variety shows Guess Guess Guess and Super Sunday. On Thursday, Taiwanese media reported that she is now expecting a child, and is set to wed her American-Chinese boyfriend, Tony!

The couple reportedly met in the US, when Aya took a sabbatical to study there for a year in 2006, and subsequently carried on with a long-distance relationship. Aya’s mother was quoted to be all praise for her son-in-law to-be, describing him as a “scholarly looking” man who is “ethical, well-mannered, and has many life experiences”.

On the baby, Aya’s mother reportedly said that it came as a surprise for the couple, but they are keen to keep the child as they feel that this is fate. The couple also decided to marry in order to provide the child with a “complete family”.

Congratulations to Aya and we can’t wait to read more about your wedding!

(Original article from Channel Newsasia)