Wedding Etiquette: Here’s How Not To Ruin Your Best Friend’s Wedding

1271074937037610057(Photo from Reddit)

The above photo has recently gone viral on Reddit, and for good reason too. While the photo looks like any regular old proposal at first glance, a closer look shows that the couple’s proposal had taken place during their friend’s wedding, in front of the bridal table no less. Not cool.

While some couples might be tempted to think that popping the question at someone else’s wedding is a good idea (double happiness, why not?), let us try to convince you — it is not. First of all, as you have rightly noted, this is someone else’s wedding, not yours. This is their big day. And it is not cool to try to upstage them on the special day they had planned for, even if you think that you are simply “sharing their happiness”.

Second, proposals are all about T.P.O. — Time, Place, Occasion. Trying to steal the limelight from your friends at their wedding just does not spell sensitive at all. (Hell, do most of the guests even know who you are?) Wrong time, wrong place, wrong occasion, dude.

Third, from the newly weds’ point-of-view, having someone else’s proposal happen during their wedding is definitely the biggest nightmare ever, as that is likely what people are going to remember about their wedding — “the wedding where XXX proposed to XXX”. This, after months and months of planning every single detail, brainstorming a million ideas to come up with something unique to wow your guests, spending a reasonable amount of money to come up with something nice and fancy. Absolutely tragic.

So, to this dude in the photo — don’t think that you have managed to make your proposal extra special. (It might be, but for all the wrong reasons.) Riding on someone else’s big day as the “unique point” of your proposal is not a stroke of genius, that’s just cheap.

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