Wedding fashion from “You Who Came From The Star”

Starring Jun Ji-hyun (most remembered as the lead actress from hit movie “My Sassy Girl”) and Kim Soo-hyun, South Korean drama “You Who Came From The Star” has been the subject of hot discussions throughout Asia lately.

Chalking up a viewers rating of 24.8 per cent in the land of K-Pop, the drama, which spices up an otherwise typical love story with a time travel element, has taken other parts of Asia by storm, catapulting both Jun and Kim to superstar status.

Apart from memorable scenes, the ever-stunning Jun Ji-hyun is also the talk of the town with her impeccable fashion style. And for W&T, what matters is of course the wedding gown Cheon Seon Yi (Jun’s character) donned on in episode 18.

A head-turner certainly, the gorgeous piece Jun had on was from Oscar de la Renta 2014 Spring collection. The gown, with a price-tag of approximately SGD $19,000, is adorned with lace, embroidery and features a most special beaded design atop the neckline.

Jun Ji-hyun as Cheon Seon Yi in “You Who Came From The Star.”

From Oscar de la Renta 2014 Spring Collection.

And it’s not just the gown that fans have been noticing.

The proposal ring which Do Min Joon (Kim’s character who is an alien stranded on earth) used to declare his love for Jun is also seeing a rise in sales ever since its appearance in the show.

From French jewellery brand Didier Dubot, this specific ring has reportedly seen a 200% spike in sales! But fans from Singapore may be disappointed if you’re thinking of getting one, for the brand is currently only available in France, United States and South Korea.