Wedding in Paradise, Shall We?

If you are going to have a destination wedding, make it worthwhile by setting it in a place like paradise. Bali, famed “Island of the Gods”, more than fulfils that description.

While Bali’s moniker “Island of the Gods” was given because of the innumerable deities, gods and goddesses worshipped on the island – evidenced in the thousands of temples scattered throughout – one could also interpret it (rightly) as a sanctuary so beautiful, it is fit to be the divine abode of gods. As such, with more Singaporean couples holding destination weddings, Bali is a popular spot – with celebrities like local radio host Shan Wee, and even couples from other countries in the region like Japan, Korea and Australia flocking to its shores for their nuptials.


Image: Unsplash

The very definition of a romantic island getaway, its gorgeous natural scenery, beautiful sandy beaches, and lush forest backdrops, breath-taking expanse of ocean view and splendiferous sunrises and sunsets makes it the perfect choice for a dream destination wedding. Its proximity is also a highlight for Singaporean couples as they can exchange their vows in an exotic location without having to spend exorbitant sums on travel expenses alone. Guests can also have a wonderful holiday in the midst of celebrating the joyous occasion of their loved ones.

Image: Unsplash

The best time to hold a wedding in Bali is during the dry season between April to September. The sunny climate, limited rainfall and cool evenings during this period is perfect weather for alfresco weddings by the sea. During the summer too, there is plenty of outdoor recreation like water sports and beach activities in the day and Balinese dance performances in the evening that can keep guests occupied before and after the wedding; and with several holidays and festivals scattered throughout the year. It would be wise to avoid the wet season between October and March for weddings (unless you are planning to hold your wedding indoors), as there are frequent storms at intervals, though they pass quickly.