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Wedding In The Park

When it comes to elaborate receptions, ideas are often borrowed from the West. Now, isn’t it time for our multi-ethnicity to show its true colour? Here we provide some ideas for you!

The Inspiration

The signature design and patterns of the Victorian era – the best known period in the history of the United Kingdom in the 19th century – remain much adored by people even to this day.

This wedding theme is for couples who hope to remake the monarchical style befitting of a king and a queen in elaborate Malay fashion. This fusion is set to make your guests take their hats off and go wow.

Creating the Theme

Intricacy and downright opulence mark a wedding for the haute bourgeoisies.  It can be a place where the groom and the bride will greet their guests. With detailed carvings, the couch on the makeshift dais is gold-plated and upholstered in comfortable deep red satin. To brighten up the space and elevate the aura of majesty, a small chandelier shimmers above the couch.

To nail the grand look is to be loud in your expression of style, make it as impactful to the visual sense. Here, you can made heavy use of burgundy, maroon and gold hues to create a powerful statement. Roll out the red carpet for you and your guests deserve a grand entrance!

In the same vein, the flowers you use must be equally bold. Use puffy red roses that scream “look at me!” to ennoble the personality of the set-up.

All that glitters is not just gold but the wedding cake with some bling will do the trick. A simple deep red ribbon is tied around each tier to raise the glam factor. You may want to select some family-friendly venue thus the guests with children can let their little ones run wild at its playground that is almost comparable to outward bound for kids. After the dinner, guests can also enjoy a quiet stroll along the beach.

Doing it yourself

Remember the time when local actors Fann Wong and Christopher Lee made a splash when they showed up for their wedding dinner in Indian outfits?

In this melting pot of Singapore, we have the privilege of learning the cultures and practices of different ethnic groups and countries.

If you are looking for a wedding gown other than the usual Western pale-coloured ones, you can try a Malay wedding dress known for its demureness, fine embroidery and a cut that gives women of any shape an hour-glass figure.

Hire a violinist, or a band that includes one, to play classical music in the background, and get the bridesmaids to dress in gowns of Victorian style complete your deluxe ball.

You can also recreate the masque from Shakespeare’s epic Romeo And Juliet by distributing half masks as wedding favours to guests and getting them to wear it on the spot.