Wedding Inspiration: Creative Wedding Photo Displays

We all know that banquet dinners can hardly be counted on to start on time, and when that happens, your pre-wedding photographs become important and functional decorations to keep your guests entertained and the conversations flowing. Instead of displaying your beautiful pictures in a traditional album, why not experiment with these creative ideas to wow your guests?

1. Photo Garlands

(Photo from here)

What better way to create a casual and laid-back feel than a photo garland at your wedding venue? Given its informal vibe, we think this option would be more suitable for couples who are having a wedding luncheon, outdoor wedding, or a small and intimate wedding. The trick to avoid looking cheap? Prepare a generous number of photos for multiple garlands to run throughout the whole venue!

2. Photo Frames Mix

(Photos from here and here respectively.)

For a chic decoration idea, dress up your pre-wedding photographs with restored vintage frames to instantly glam up your venue! You can easily find a variety of frames at craft stores such as Spotlight and Art Friend, as well as specialised frame shops that are abundantly located at Bras Basah Complex. For more savings, you may also wish to check out antique shops and flea markets, which can give you some pretty cool bargains if you’re in luck!

3. Suspended Photos

(Photo from here)

This is the first time we’re seeing this innovative idea of suspending your photos with balloons, and we absolutely love it! The lightness of this decoration option is a perfect complement for a wedding with a bohemian or whimsical vibe. And of course, balloons will be extremely kind to your overall wedding budget!

4. Photo Wall Montage

(Photo from here)

Everyone loves a photo wall montage, but for a slight twist to keep this classic idea updated, try developing your photos in varying sizes such that they would look interesting when put together on the wall. Throw in some instant photos for good measure and you’ll have a cool photo wall montage that is hip and chic! If you like things to be a little more personal, consider adding in little handwritten captions for the photos so that your guests can find out more about your love story.