Wedding Inspiration: Fern and Moss

For those of you DIY brides out there, or simply, brides who are looking for flowers and decorations that are something different from the norm, you may wish to consider using fern and moss for your wedding. Not only are they more fuss-free and economical than your usual blooms, they also add some charm to the overall look of your wedding! We’ve rounded up some inspiration around the web for you.

Table Pieces

You would be surprised by how simple it is to create an elegant look at the table with moss and fern. If you prefer to have some colour, either alternate moss and fern pieces with regular blooms, or integrate some small flowers into your moss and fern designs. Otherwise, you can go all green to create a sophisticated or rustic look, depending on how you play it! (Following images from here)

Centrepiece with moss, wild grass and fruits
mossGrass/moss lining for the table
moss2 mossfern-belljar
Moss and fern centrepieces

Hand Bouquets

hb3 hb2

While there are no lack of moss hand bouquet inspirations around the web (like the ones above), we’ll be taking a leaf out of supermodel Kate Moss’s book on this one (pun not intended)! We love how Kate Moss was able to seamlessly integrate moss into her floral design (she reportedly used roses, daisies and sweet peas, among other flowers) to create a vintage bohemian look that suited the vibe of her wedding perfectly.

km5 km3 km4
(Images from Vogue)

Wedding Favours

Instead of the usual standard favours, why not give your guests something adorable to take home that they can use to brighten up their homes? Check out these little moss wedding favours to get your inspiration going! For those of you with green fingers, you can attempt to make them on your own (it’s not that difficult, really!). For those who prefer not to, there are some vendors who can help to customise the perfect wedding favour for you! We’ll be featuring one such vendor in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes on the Wedding & Travel blog! (Below images from here and here respectively.)

mossf1 mossf2