Wedding Inspiration: Polka Dots

Polka dots are one of the most loved prints around, and we won’t be surprised if all you fashionable brides out there are thinking of incorporating them into your wedding. Some of you might be put off the idea by the thought that polka dots might come across as too Minnie Mouse-y (gulp), but we rounded up these inspiration from around the web to show you how the print, when used well with good measure, can be effortlessly chic as well.

Wedding Stationery

polka3 polka3apolka3b
(Pictures from Martha Stewart Weddings, Jupiter and Juno, and DGD Invitations)

If you are under the impression that polka dots can only come across as girly and teenage, these beautiful wedding stationery will convince you otherwise. The trick is to go easy on the full-on polka dots and pair the print with a solid colour block for a more measured and classy look. Playing with different paper stocks and layering the polka dots on translucent paper is a creative way of introducing the print to your wedding theme as well.

Bridal Fashion

polka4 polka4b
(Pictures from Lace Wedding Dresses UK and Wedding Party App)

If you don’t want your dress to be mistaken for your niece’s birthday dress, go easy on the colours for your polka dot wedding dress. As polka dots are a playful print, simple and classic silhouettes and a monochrome palette are best for creating a grown up and elegant look. For your white dress, instead of a full polka dot print, choose to use the print in the details, such as in sheer panels or trims. For your night look, why not consider a black-based polka dot maxi dress, cinched with a classy velvet belt? Not only is this look extremely wearable, you can move easily in it too.

polka5 polka5b(Pictures from One Wed and Pinterest)

A less predictable place to introduce polka dots than your dress would be on your veil. For brides who are worried about going too over the top, a polka dotted veil is definitely a foolproof way to get started.

Table Arrangements

polka6 polka6b polka6c
(Pictures from Pinterest, Pinterest and Pinterest respectively)

Again, the trick to give polka dots an elegant touch is to be mindful of the colour palette — black, white and nude are the best shades. We love how the polka dotted tablecloth introduces some interest to an otherwise conventional formal setup in the first picture above. For trendy couples who are looking to introduce playful details in an otherwise chic setup, draw some inspiration from the second picture above, whereby the interesting mix of prints creates a modern but classy ambience. Bohemian brides would be delighted with the third picture, which shows how a sheer polka dotted tablecloth adds on that touch of delicate charm to an otherwise grungy setup.


polka2 polka2b
(Pictures from Pinterest and Martha Stewart Weddings)

There is no better wedding fixture than the photobooth that promises boundless fun for your guests, and if they come with cute polka dotted backgrounds, we say it’s all the better!

Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

polka1 polka1b
(Pictures from Martha Stewart Weddings and Polka Dot Bride)

We are absolutely in love with how cute these polka dot desserts and cakes look. Judging by how yummylicious they look, we dare say these sweet things will be a hit with both adults and children alike!

Do you have other ideas for incorporating polka dots in your wedding? Share with us!