Wedding Inspiration: Shades of White

We were so inspired by Kelly Rowland’s white wedding that we decided to take a leaf from her book, and put together some inspiration from around the web on how you can make your big day beautiful with this simple but powerful shade — white! As we often look towards trends and “It” colours, we tend to forget that white is the most classic shade that can instantly help to make your wedding the sophisticated affair that you’ve always envisioned. If pure white seems too predictable and safe for you, you’ll be surprised at how a dash of complementary shades such as grey or gold can make things just that bit more special. We hope some of the following ideas can help to get you started on your planning for your perfect day!

Invitation Card

(Picture from here)

There is nothing like a simple but stately white-based invitation card to convey the formal and elegant tone of your wedding. To prevent your cards from looking plain and cheap, do pay attention to the choice of paper stock, as that can be the deal-breaker in this design. For practical couples who might be worried about the functionality of pure white cards, you may also mix similarly classic shades such as black, grey, silver or gold to complement the design. Even celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kayne West has gone for this chic alternative, against their usual flamboyant style!

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Some of you brides out there might be surprised at how difficult it can be to find suitable dresses for your jiemeis with your white wedding theme. After all, you won’t want your bridesmaids to turn up in the exactly same colour as you. However, it might not be too nice to put them in plain grey or black dresses too. Gold and silver dresses are of course, out of the question. The perfect solution for a complementary look that doesn’t compromise on the fashion quotient? We say it’s tweed — tweed is a clever way of sticking to your colour theme while making sure that the fashion choices remain interesting.

tweed tweed2
Above: Give your jiemeis a gorgeous and refined look with a simple and well-tailored tweed dress. Below: Your jiemeis can also liven up the look and give it a little of their personality by adding details such as lace. (Pictures from here and here respectively)

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For accessories, always remember the mantra ‘less is more’ — a simple touch of opulence with a string of pearls, or a pair of pearl earrings will do the trick.


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Pick your favourite white blooms for your wedding, but instead of placing them in dainty glass vases, surprise your guests by putting them in cement containers instead. While cement vases are hardly what we associate with weddings, the strong contrast between their rough and hardy exteriors and the delicacy of white flowers can help to set off the blooms perfectly. The unconventional choice will also be bound to get your guests gushing about your creativity!

mob mob2 mob3
(Pictures from here, here and here respectively)

We are also in love with the idea of paper mobiles — they are extremely friendly for the pocket, but can nonetheless look expensive and chic if used well. Much of the trick lies in choosing the shape of the cut out — instead of hearts, which might channel a little bit of the teenage vibe, shapes such as birds and butterflies bide well for couples, and look exquisite as well. You can use paper mobiles generously as hanging decorations, or better still, use them to create the backdrop for a small photo corner, where you and your guests can use to capture many beautiful memories of the day!


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After all the effort you have put into your wedding, it would be a real delight if your guests can see that reflected in the menu of the day as well. While this might be challenging to fulfil for the main course (after all, we Singaporeans love our food more for their taste rather than their looks), there is definitely space to experiment on the dessert table. With such a gorgeous spread, it will be no exaggeration to say that the food qualifies as a decoration in itself!