Wedding Inspiration: When We Were Young

If you’re looking to add some fun and colour to your wedding, what’s like a dig into your treasured childhood memories to help you along? Today, we round up some of the best childhood-inspired wedding touches around the web that you can incorporate into your wedding.

Childhood Snacks

(Photo from Intimate Weddings)

Who says that retro biscuits can’t be pretty too? (Photo from Pinterest)

Instead of the usual cakes and pastries, why not take your guests down memory lane with these nostalgic snacks that are bound to bring up a few cries of “wow so old school” all around? Think along the lines of your pasar malam snacks such as cotton candy and kachang puteh, and your mama shop snacks such as the retro biscuits with coloured sugar tips that you used to get from that uncle in your neighbourhood.


c2-legonum c2-legonum2
(Photos from Huffington Post)

Honestly, kids are not the only ones who love Lego, we bet there are plenty of adults around who have a penchant for these joyful bricks (we’re one of them). Get creative with this favourite toy from your childhood by building table numbers or cake toppers for your decorations! They would definitely add a playful dash of colour to the overall look.


(Photo from Huffington Post)

(Photo from Pinterest)

Here’s another one we can’t resist — balloons! Balloons are an affordable way to add some spice to your decorations. Depending on the colour palette you pick, they can go from being romantic (check out the pastel balloons above!), elegant (yes you heard us right, just pick the silver and gold ones!), and downright fun (we absolutely love the ones above, which are dipped in gold confetti)! We’re betting these decorations would be a hit with your junior guests as well.

Fun Activities

c1-bouncehouse c5-tattoo
(Photos from 
Huffington Post)

Racking your brains to think of what you could possibly entertain your guests with apart from the predictable photo booth? We love the idea of a bounce house — haven’t we all jumped on one of those before at a fun fair when we were young? Hire one of a decent size so the fun is open to adults too! Another idea we like is a temporary tattoo booth — this brings back memories of those free temporary tattoos stickers that often come as treats from our childhood snacks! Now you don’t have to think twice about getting that gothic tattoo on your arm.


c6-spark c6-spark2
(Photos from We Love Sparklers and Wedding Collectibles respectively)

Sparklers are a dream to have at your wedding because they capture on photos so beautifully. Contrary to what some people may think, they work for both day and night weddings too! In the day, you can have your guests give you a sparkler send-off as you are stepping out from your solemnisation. As for night, I’m sure you wouldn’t need us to tell you how much fun you can have with your sparklers! A sparkler table piece like the one above is also a dramatic and unique piece of decoration you can consider.

Do you have any other ideas that would be good for a childhood-inspired wedding? Let us know!